During this time of insecurities, only a few people have the desire to search for new fashion items. And although fashion always makes me happy, we have other things to think about right now. But as I am sitting on my balcony in the sun, I am feeling the spring vibes. So, my interest in the new fashion season has awakened.  

As I am at home, social distancing myself, I want to do something to make you smile. So, I have summed up thirteen fashion trends for spring/summer we can find in online stores. 

  1. The trenchcoat

The trenchcoat is a real classic that we all need in our basic wardrobe. This season, the trench is back in new ways: with patterns, in bright colors and in new and innovative models and details.

  1. Transparancy

Show some skin by wearing transparent materials. Layer with a camisole underneath of make sure you wear beautiful and feminine underwear. Is this too much for your taste? Implement this trend in your daily life by wearing a transparent blouse underneath your suit.  

  1. The statement suit

I have mentioned a suit before and for some of us, this is what we have to wear for work. This summer, there are endless suits to choose from. You can make it as bold as you like: in color, with ruffles or wear the classic white suit for a chique look. Of course, you can wear the pants separately with a beautiful blouse and the blazer with a jean on casual Friday. 

  1. Neon 

Trends come and go and we don’t have to follow all of them. As much as I find neon colors very fun to look at, very few people are able to wear these bold colors with their skin tone. Wanting to wear something in neon, but don’t know how and if it suits you? Try a basic colored outfit, such a white, navy blue of black and wear some neon accessories with it. If you already have dark skin and dark eyes, you will look fabulous and the neon will be a nice pop of color.

  1. Neutrals 

Last year the neutrals were very popular in fashion. We wore a lot of beige, camels and creams. Max Mara now dresses their models in all beige and they show a lot of elegance. There is a mix of safari influences and three-piece suits which make an interesting collection.

  1. Pastels 

Now the temperatures are rising a little bit, we want to wear more light colored pieces. The dark items move to the back of our closet and we create more room for the happy colored pieces. Easter is coming our way and so are the pastels. Dress in all lilac of combine several pastels with each other. Yellow with mint green, light blue with baby pink, everything is possible! 

  1. Big sleeves 

We are getting used to the puffy sleeves. Don’t put these away just yet, because it is still in fashion now. In fact, we see other big sleeves as well. Very flattering for ladies with narrow shoulders or wide hips.

  1. Flowers 

The long flower dress is perfect for summertime. It is a very feminine and bohemian look. The second dress above contains multiple trends: it is transparent, is has a flower pattern and the length is long, very very long. So, if you are blessed with endless legs, it is your season to buy a dress! Combine a flower dress of pantsuit with a flower bag ánd, in the category “if you have it, flaunt it”, complete your look with a flower shoe.

  1. Ton sur ton 

If you don’t have any inspiration about what to wear today, we all have those days…just put everything on in the same color palette. Simple as that! You will look like you put a lot of effort in creating your style.  

  1. Eye-catching jewelry  

After the minimalistic jewelry trend, of course there would be an opposite influence coming our way. During (economical) crisis, people tend to wanting to stand out. We can do that with our bold jewelry.  Mix big earrings with a necklace, choose only one statement piece of mix several necklaces together from which one falls into your neckline. 

  1. The waist belt 

The waist belt creates a feminine silhouette. You can accentuate your waistline or give the illusion of a waistline. Wear a belt over a dress or a blouse or give your coat a flattering shape.  

  1. Shoes with a square toe 

Shoes with a pointed toe are charming, but they are not very good for your feet. I remember a pair of boots with pointed toe and I found them very cute. My toes have never been the same after wearing them.. Not very practical indeed! That was probably too much inspiration than you were looking for, but oh well.. If we look in online stores now, we find a lot of shoes with a square toe. So, hello practical shoes! 

  1. Loafers with a heel or high shaft 

Mango, Louis Vuitton, Gucci.. They all have it in their collection: the loafer. This classical shoe comes with a heel this summer or, for all of the daredevils amongst us, a high shaft. Are these your new best friends, but you don’t know how to style them? Try combining them with a ton sur ton outfit.  

I hope I gave you some ideas for this fashion season. Hopefully, by doing this, I offered you a little bit of inspiration or maybe some distraction. Now we can sit on our balconies or we can work from home in style. Or, if we don’t feel like it, we just put on our comfy clothes. Again. Because we can.

Wishing you all the best and lots of health!

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