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Liselore lets you fall in love with your own wardrobe again. The closet takeover has given me so much inspiration. I apply the tips and tricks I’ve learned when I get dressed every morning. With the help of the photos she has made of my new looks, I am able to browse through my lookbook whenever I’m in need of some inspiration. What I love the most, is that since this experience, I take more risks when it comes to making combinations, prints and colours 

SjorsInternational Sales Executive

“I asked Liselore to help me with my styling for a wedding and I was very enthusiastic about that. After that, Liselore made a lot of extra outfits with my clothes and accessories. I was surprised by the combinations she has made. I would have never come up with some of the outfits myself and they look great on me! I asked her to help me to get a new winter wardrobe as well!”


IlseDental hygienist and manager

“Liselore really listened when I told her my styling struggles. I love bold colors. But I am so glad that I now know: mixing patterns is not always a good idea.”

TjarcoOwner media production company

“Thank you so much for your help. Now my closet is rearranged, I can actually see what is inside and I know which clothes to combine for work.”


“Liselore is very professional and knows a lot about fashion and quality. I fully trust her judgement. Since this experience, I am taking a totally different approach to shopping. I have really learned a lot!”

MicheleMarketing adviser, text writer, author and publisher of the book "Trouwen doe je zo!"